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Welcome to Sarawan Spices
Grocery store in clayton

The Asian grocery store is located in the midst of the shopping strip in Clayton, which is one of the largest centers for education in Melbourne, due to its proximity to Monash University and Monash Medical Centre. The Clayton railway station is across the road from the store and thus attracts a lot of Indian and Asian students who do not have their own mode of transport. There are a number of Indian restaurants in this area and this attracts a huge number of potential customers to the store. Plenty of parking is available around the area for customers.


Featured Products

We also Provide featured Indian Products at Sarawan Spices. Starting since 1995 we are keeping ourselves the prime market players in supplying Indian goods in Australia at Clayton Road.Know to be the best grocery store in clayton for all south asian customers.


Home and Living

We have all the products which are required for your everyday life. Providing a wide range of i.e. more than 10000+ products under one roof which helps you with various Indian brands and prices making your living at home easy.



Pooja and Tradition 

We provide all devotional items from fresh flowers to idols of God. It from dhoop, deep and nivadhya you can choose all the pooja goods. You can as well shop with us for all traditional materials.




You can also find utensils for your kitchen. These are traditional Indian Made for keeping your culinary skills undoubtedly great. We have different variants at one place for an extraordinary shopping experience.


Sports and Products

Sports and entertainment goods for all ages are available with us. You can choose From Outdoor any range of sports material we also have entertaining goods for children from  KG to any age group.




Ayurvedic Products

All Ayurvedic Products including Patanjali, Dabur, Himalaya etc. and various other brands are available at the store. we also have fewer variants of organic food which you try.